The End has Come

July 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

Kind of. I still have to go back next year.

Friday was the last day of school and that means I made it. I’m quite proud of myself because when I think back on the first day of school and how atrocious that was I see how big of a year it’s been.

I’m a little upset that I’m not totally fluent in Greek, Polish, and German by now. And not only that, but my English has actually gone downhill. Learning a new language definitely does that to you. My spelling in English has gotten especially atrocious. As is my German spelling. I sense a disturbing pattern here.

I don’t even really know what to say about this year. It’s kind of been too long and weird so we’ll leave it at that.

The last week of school was pretty quiet. Monday was a normal day in which we had Biology. However, we made alcohol-free cocktails because it’s German school and nothing makes sense.

I think that actually is a really good explanation for everything: because it’s German school and nothing makes sense.

Then on Tuesday my German class had a field trip and so I only actually had two periods of Polish class which was pretty nice. On Wednesday a lot of the German classes in the school had a big sport event thing so we didn’t have to go in those classes and we again had only two periods. Thursday was another “normal” day, in terms of how long we were there, but we didn’t actually have any class. The first four periods I was with my Polish class which is really lovely. I’m not being sarcastic. I like the Polish.

Anyway, the first period we talked about what was going to happen on the first two days of school next year. On the first day we have to go completely in our German classes, which kind of sucks because I can think of no worse way to start the year. On the second day we have to meet at the old Polish classroom and we will all be split up into two classes according to how good our German is. I don’t know who all I’ll be with, but I do know that I’ll be in the higher class. I’m still pretty bummed that we won’t all stay together. So on the second day they’ll give us our schedules and we will know where to go for the rest of the semester. They’re not promising that half of these classes won’t usually be canceled due to the teacher not showing up, but at least it’s nice to know which classroom we’re supposed to be at.

Then we went over our homework for a period. I am always amazed by how much time teachers take to go over homework in class. It’s kind of a skill.

Then we talked about our German classes for a period and a half. It was so fun to mutually lament about how stressful they are. It also was funny because the teacher didn’t know how bad it was and she was pretty incredulous. She also asked us why a couple of the boys in our class skip their German class all the time.

No one answered so of course, I took the opportunity to enlighten her. I just said, “Probably because they’re horrible.”

After I opened up the subject everyone else pitched in with their terrible experiences in German class. One of the Polish girls who I really like mentioned that even when she knows the answer to a question in class, she’s too scared to raise her hand because she knows her German isn’t that good and she doesn’t want to make a mistake because her class would laugh at her if she messed up.

I almost hugged her when she said that because it’s how I always feel.

The teacher also lectured me about being more friendly to my class at which I countered and said that I am pretty friendly but often when I say hi they just ignore me. She then told me to confront them and ask why they were ignoring me.

We will come back to this later.

Then one of the boys mentioned that he thought it was weird that two of the kids from our Polish class were also in the same German class, because they usually try to split us up. The teacher acted really apologetic and just said that there weren’t enough classes for us all to be in different ones. Then I mentioned that I actually would rather have someone from the Polish class in my German class, just so someone else who I already knew was there.

Then the teacher said, “Well, if one of the Polish girls was in your class do you think you would make other German friends in your class?”

I just think this was a really dumb thing of her to say. So I said, “Uhm. Probably not, but so far I have no German friends so I don’t think it would really make a difference.”

She shut up. I hope that with the next class of immigrants they put some of them together when they go to German class. I think my experience would have been way more positive if I had had someone to go through it with.

Then we spent the rest of the last period cleaning up the classroom.

On Friday we only had two periods in Polish class. We had breakfast together then we got our grades for the past semester.

I got all 1’s (A+/A) in my Polish class with the exception of my “social conduct” grade, which stubbornly remains a 2 (A-/B).

I’m actually really sad that the year is over (shocker, I know). But only because I know next year is gonna be even harder than this year.

I should be more positive about this but it’s really hard.

Now back to my teacher’s comment about confronting people who are rude to you.

Today I was in town and I saw one of the really popular girls in my school who happens to be in my class and I smiled at her. We made eye contact and she just sort of glared at me.

When I got home I decided to message her and ask why she didn’t smile back. She said that she “saw me too late and wasn’t sure if it was me.”

I feel like this is a really bad excuse because we made eye contact and she actually glared at me, but oh well. There’s really not too much you can say.

I’m really proud that I talked to her about it. I actually wouldn’t have if she hadn’t been popular, because I know we’ll never in a million years be friends anyway, so why not tick her off?

Is that bad logic?



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