Updating You

April 14, 2014 § 1 Comment

Well, there have been previous time periods during which I did, in fact, post more. I will grant that.

Do we have to dwell on the past? Not that I’m exactly promising I’ll be posting regularly again (sorry), but I would like to get back into it. I just don’t want to promise something I can’t keep my word on because that’s even more disappointing than simply not having any posts, no?

We’ll see how it goes.

I don’t totally know what to say since it’s been so long, but I’m at my “new” school which is international. Pretty much after having my head dampened by the spittle of 12 year old German males, I kind of decided not to darken the doors of my dearly beloved local German public school. Again, let’s not dwell on the past. Except I will keep bringing up that instance, because it’s actually the only remotely interesting story I have in circulation at this point.

It’s going well at the international school. I’ve pretty much been labeled as a lame nerd, since I try to keep my grades up and apparently my sarcasm is even less appreciated in real life than online. That’s fine because I still subject everyone to it. You’re not supposed to care what other people think about you, right?

My Dad’s trying to guilt me about my attitude towards life and also my verbal expression of said attitude. It’s not going so well, but now I whisper my complaints to my Mom instead of saying them to his face. That seems to have deterred his quest.

I’m currently on break for a couple of weeks, but since I have a few projects and an exam the first week back, it’s not as relaxing as hoped. It’s still nice to sleep in, though. Also, I’m taking extra German classes over break, since we would NOT want to be outside of class for too long. I’m kidding, it was my decision to take German classes anyway. Since I’m not speaking it too much anymore, it’s really going downhill.

Also, apparently (this is news to me) I’m doing a German exchange at some point this summer. My “choices” were either that or go back to German public school, but I’m pretty sure the second one was a joke. I’m just going to Munich or something to stay with a family whom I have never met.

Sounds like fun, I guess.

Well, that’s all I have to say for now, and hopefully I’ll be back soon.


§ One Response to Updating You

  • Aunt Maria says:

    Hi Dear Clarice,

    So happy to see a new post from you and enjoyed reading it…. it sounds like you really like the International school. I think is great for you! enjoy your break and study hard. The rewards will be amazing later 🙂

    Munich, sounds like fun and I think is a great opportunity to learn more German. Soon you’ll be speaking pretty well my dear!

    Aunt Maria

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