Welcome to the South!

April 18, 2014 § 1 Comment

It’s been pretty quiet around here. We’re still on break with a little over a week to go. Holidays tend to just stress me out because they go by so quickly and suddenly I realize that I have completed very very little of my schoolwork in comparison to how much time has gone by. What’s the point of break if you still have so much work? It completely ruins the relaxing aspect of vacation because now I’m just thinking about my Art project all the time.

Not fun.

Yesterday evening I was procrastinating on the internet and saw a picture of a woman with rather short hair above her shoulders. Well, my mom happened to be cutting my brothers’ hair at that moment so I decided on the spot to have her cut mine as well. It used to hit around my ribcage but now it’s maybe three or four inches below my shoulders. Haircuts are always very exciting for me, but I guess they’re not very interesting writing material.

In more comical news, I found this gem of a sweatshirt in a store yesterday:

Blog pic 2

If for some reason you cannot view this image, which unfortunately happens rather often, it says:

Welcome to the South

Your Favorite

Place to Loose


And Follow Your Heart

Besides the fact that I found this in Bensheim, Germany, which is hopelessly far from the South (I can only presume that they do mean the south of the United States of God Bless America), and they therefore really have no business welcoming me there, this is such a classic example with the German preoccupation with America and English. Such a preoccupation, under the circumstances, deeply encourages grammatical errors and is often extremely poorly executed, as in this case.

One does not “loose” oneself. One “loses” oneself.

Also, what is it about the South that would cause someone to irrevocably follow their heart, which they were previously incapable of doing? What is so repulsive and oppressive about, say, the North that would force one to bend one’s will to some other entity without one’s own personal consent? I have never been that deeply affected by my geographical location, I must admit.

Maybe I just need to spend more time in the South.


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