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On Saturday my family and I went to a town called Weinheim. It’s a bit north of us and has about 30,000 citizens.

Unfortunately, my family is quite American. This means that although we were in a beautiful German town, with the ability to explore as many side streets as we pleased, we pretty much camped out at the dollar (euro) store for a good chunk of time. 

We didn’t get any souvenirs from our trip, except some ice cream for the boys and a sandwich for me. Also, the boys each got a gun (thankfully they’re both already broken) and my middle brother bought a visor with the colors of Germany on it.

Because we are the ultimate tourists.

That all being said, I will now present some pictures! I did not take any of these, since I always think to take pictures once I’m already home, or I get self-conscious about being such an obvious tourist. 







First Week Back

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Well basically, my life is pretty boring right about now.

On Tuesday last week, we had a half day which was nice. It wasn’t too enjoyable though, since I had a major art project due on Friday and a big test on Friday.

As it turned out, the teacher was not there on Friday, so the test was postponed until this Friday, which is always a joyous occurrence. 

Then on Thursday, we had the day off school since it was a state holiday. These tend to pop up a lot in May and June, which helps ease the pangs of spring fever.

However, on Thursday, we had a church picnic planned up in the mountains. The weather forecast all week had shown probable forecasts of rain, and we were assured that in the event of a shower, the picnic would be canceled.

Well, we woke up Thursday morning and it was pouring. There was no email about the picnic being canceled though, so we called the pastor and asked. He affirmed that all was to go as scheduled.

We live a bit north of the town the picnic was supposed to be in, and he said that it wasn’t raining “at the moment.”

So we went and, just as the weather forecast said, it rained the entire time, literally without stopping. It was also very cold, which is not surprising, considering the altitude we were at, coupled with the rain. 

Thankfully there was a pavilion we all huddled under, while the brave people (and the 10 year old boys) played soccer or climbed rocks out in the elements.

It was pretty funny, but I will admit that I have attended more enjoyable picnics and next time it would probably be wise to postpone the event.

At least it made for something to write about!

School is going pretty well. Last week was the first back after spring break and it hasn’t been too difficult of an adjustment so far. The worst part is definitely getting up early in the morning. 

I think I’ll leave it at there for now, and try to keep you updated!


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