Pictures of Bensheim

Bensheim 6      Bensheim 5        Bensheim 2    Bensheim 1 

These are pictures of different places in town. I don’t think they completely do it justice, but you can get a feel for how German it looks.

Bensheim 9     Bensheim 10

Our wonderful pool. You can’t see the waterslide in either of these, but it’s pretty awesome.

Bensheim 8   Bensheim 7

This is my old school! HOORAY! The blue part is the view that you get if you drive by it on the street. The part with the red is all the way around on the other side of the building and it’s the cafeteria.

I think these make the school look a lot smaller than it is, but just keep in mind that the building is about 2/3 full with almost two thousand people in it.

Bensheim 3

This is the Bensheim-Auerbach castle. I’ve only been to it once actually, but it’s fun to go up the towers.

None of these pictures are ones that I took, but if I snap any good ones I’ll be sure to add them here!


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